Data Center Performance Management with 6SigmaDCX Release 17

IT teams have spent the last few years wrestling with the rapid deployment of new technology during the pandemic and it’s clear that this digital transformation shows no signs of slowing anytime soon. Ongoing digital transformation has prompted considerable changes in the data center industry, namely the growing demand for more capacity. 

This need for more capacity is in large part due to the ever-increasing requirements for high-density, high-performance computing (HPC), artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML). Such requirements will likely encourage the adoption of liquid cooling and other more complex technologies to ensure capacity needs can be met.

Is your data center flexible enough to handle the incoming capacity changes that 2023 and beyond will bring? 

With Cadence’s 17th release of its 6SigmaDCX simulation software, data center professionals can be better equipped to handle growing demands on not just capacity, but also sustainability efforts and risk mitigation with powerful performance analysis tools. Generation of customized reports can be automated to provide insight on data center performance metrics to enable oversight and analysis across the business.

6SigmaDCX uses physics-based simulation and digital twin technology to support data center teams in decision making. The software receives regular updates to ensure data center teams can make the best decisions possible using fast, accurate, and powerful software. 

The latest release—Release 17—provides significant performance and usability improvements. Release 17 has fully transitioned to the enhanced view configuration, which ensures fast view manipulation, easy object selection, and new result analysis options. 

There are several other improved features available in Release 17, including:

  • Expanded library of intelligent items with new floor-standing IT equipment
  • Additional features that measure the resilience of cooling infrastructure using time-dependent transient simulation
  • New 1D Flow Network capabilities, such as buffer tanks, cooling towers, and chiller objects
  • Improved enhanced view interface navigation
  • The ability to activate setpoints during solves to ensure users can pick up where a solve failed if a failure occurs for any reason
  • Extension of reporting analytics to zones and cages, useful for colocation providers
  • New energy and sustainability metrics 
  • Significant operational web tool updates
  • Power equipment and connectivity can now be viewed and edited 
  • PUE, carbon usage, and data center performance reports
  • New simulation results insights
  • Extension of the power and data network connectivity information
  • Aggregated data can now be brought in through 6SigmaGateway from multiple sources into the data center digital twin model as a central location for monitored data from disparate systems

6SigmaDCX can evaluate various scenarios with accuracy to enable effective decisions for a resilient data center. To get an in-depth look at how these features specifically help different data center teams across sectors, check out our 6SigmaDCX Release 17 videos here.

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7 February, 2023

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