Remove Cooling Risk [Webinar]

Cooling is becoming a more complex, costly, and risky aspect of data center management. At DCD> Keeping IT Cool, the broadcast series dedicated to data center cooling technology, Managing Director Sherman Ikemoto and Research Manager Kourosh Nemati presented Taking the Risk Out of Cooling - How to Assess and Model Cooling Options to Make the Best Decisions for Your Data Center. Their presentation discusses the use of data center simulation, or the 6Sigma Digital Twin, to help make better management decisions for your data center.

Data Center Operations, Cooling, and Data Center Simulation

Data center operations aim to maintain the data center such that 100% of its capacity is always ready and available for the business. This goal is idealistic given that most data centers operate at carrying capacity, which is often much less than its capacity rating. This conservative approach results in inefficient use of capacity and is ultimately quite expensive.

Within the presentation, Sherman demonstrates how data center simulation can provide better insight into capacity utilization and thermal risk to rectify this issue. If you’re interested in learning more on this topic, check out this post

Building on this modeling capability, Kourosh demonstrates how data center simulation can be used to not only troubleshoot general cooling designs, but model complex cooling systems, such as liquid cooling. If you would like to learn how to implement data center liquid cooling with confidence, read this post

Meet Capacity Utilization and Thermal Needs Safely with Data Center Simulation

As cooling technology develops to meet the increasingly complex needs of today’s IT, the ways in which we manage cooling will also change. This presentation demonstrates how to overcome the complexity of changing IT and cooling systems with data center simulation. Testing new configurations and technologies in a virtual environment with data center simulation is a safe way to ensure capacity utilization and thermal needs are met. 

Watch the presentation in full here


Blog written by: Danielle Gibson, Product Marketing Manager

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23 July, 2021

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