Colocation Data Centers [Webinar]

BISNOW and Future Facilities hosted Strategic Solutions for Better Performing Data Centers to better understand how colocation providers are using predictive technologies to deliver more efficient assets. Future Facilities and BISNOW were joined by experts in the colocation industry from Thésée DataCenter, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, and New Generation SR. 

Future Facilities’ Managing Director Sherman Ikemoto moderated the panel and asked questions regarding the challenges and trends that are impacting the colocation industry, as well as how our panelists are working together to overcome said challenges. 

Colocation Data Centers: Now and Looking Ahead

When discussing the trends that they were seeing in their industry, the panel highlighted the new and oftentimes conflicting requirements placed on the colocation sector. The main takeaway is that colocation services must be able to perform and scale quickly, regardless of use case. 

Pascal Lecoq, Director, Worldwide DCTS at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise explains that “By design, the next generation data center must be able to run any kind of modern IT use case.” 

All experts noted an increasing need for colocation services to be able to accommodate high-density and legacy IT. In turn, the experts highlighted how colocation data centers must be cautious of energy efficiency and their carbon footprint. 

Gilles Cieza, CEO at New Generation SR, describes the current colocation scenario: “Clients want to secure services at a sustainable cost. We often meet clients who find it complex to handle Edge, legacy IT, [and complex infrastructure] on their own, so they are moving to colos.”

On this point, Christophe Bouniol, President at Thésée DataCenter, explains that “we see clients with more high-density IT and legacy equipment. Customers are also cautious of energy efficiency, their carbon footprint, [and the associated costs]. For a new colocation company, it is important that we can reduce these.”

He cited CFD simulation as the best way to prove to customers that Thésée DataCenter can meet these requirements, handle their IT, and more. 

Colocation Data Centers: New Solutions

When the discussion moved to the future of the colocation industry, the panelists emphasized the importance of incorporating new solutions into their workflow. Specifically, they cited Thésée DataCenter’s new Data Center Management System (DCMS) as an example of how to overcome the challenges facing their industry.

Download the full Future Facilities and Thésée DataCenter case study here.

Thésée DataCenter’s DCMS’ architecture was designed by HPE, includes solutions from Future Facilities, via French distributor WattDesign, and New Generation SR. It offers end-customers access to the data center metrics they most care about for their individual space via a single web portal. The panelists are confident that this solution will create a positive and engaging customer experience that alleviates many of the challenges they discussed earlier. 

If you would like to learn more about this DCMS, check out this post.  


Blog written by: Danielle Gibson, Product Marketing Manager

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