Reimagine Your Automotive Data Center Design and Operations

The automotive industry is rapidly evolving, from accelerating technological and digital advancements such as fast-tracking the development of electric vehicles to market and autonomous (AI) self-driving vehicles to working more and more digitally, relying heavily on simulations and simulation data.

With all this digital activity and back-and-forth information, organizations in the automotive industry are generating an incredible amount of data, and this data needs to be stored securely, sustainably, and without risk. But the data center industry is always changing, from rising densities and new cooling technologies comes transformation, cost, and risk.

In this blog, we are going to shine a light on one of Europe’s largest automotive manufacturers and how they improved cooling across all data center halls to minimize risk and maximize energy efficiency using the 6Sigma Digital Twin, and in doing so, they yielded greater benefits for the long-term.

Read on to learn how this global automotive enterprise successfully transformed its data center without risk or download the full case study here.

The Digital Twin Solution for the Automotive Data Center

To achieve their goal of improving cooling across all data center halls to minimize risk and maximize energy efficiency, this automotive enterprise built six digital twins of its data center rooms using Future Facilities’ 6Sigma Digital Twin software. The digital twins of each data center hall were built and calibrated to ensure that they mirrored the exact behavior of their physical counterpart.

To investigate and understand current cooling issues, physics-based simulations powered by Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) were used to simulate different scenarios. This enabled the automotive enterprise to realize how and where to improve the energy efficiency of their data center, without any risk to IT equipment.

How an Automotive Enterprise Manages their Data Center

The 6SigmaAccess module of the 6Sigma Digital Twin software suite was also implemented by the automotive enterprise to manage the installation and decommissioning of servers in their multiple data halls. The digital twin models are kept up to date via 6SigmaRoom and are accessed via 6SigmaAccess for asset management.

With 6SigmaAccess onboard, the team can view the data halls, search for a specific server, evaluate the best place to install a new piece of equipment, and ensure that there is enough power for deployment.

It does not end there; the team takes full advantage of the powerful 6SigmaAccess dashboard and reporting functionality to create detailed reports about their available resources. The data center team finds 6SigmaAccess very effective when it comes to answering the countless questions from IT around available capacity and existing deployment.

Automotive Data Center Long-Term Resiliency and Success

As the company approaches a big shift in data center organization, the 6Sigma Digital Twin will be used to refine future data hall layouts to maximize efficiency.

Future Facilities is proud to be involved in an enterprise data center transformation project with one of Europe’s largest automotive manufacturers.

If you are interested in understanding how Future Facilities can help reimagine your enterprise data center design and operations with the 6Sigma Digital Twin, visit us here to learn more and contact us to consult a 6Sigma Digital Twin expert.

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