Announcing 6SigmaDCX Release 16


With Future Facilities’ 16th release of its 6SigmaDCX product suite, users can efficiently make informed decisions that prioritize performance while mitigating risk.

The 6SigmaDCX product suite creates a data center digital twin that can be used as a centralized platform for analysis and informed decision making to maximize performance and minimize risk.

Future Facilities recently launched 6SigmaDCX Release 16 to further support a variety of industry sectors, including colocation, enterprise, consultants, and vendors.

Driven by customer input and industry trends, Future Facilities’ software development continuously works to meet the needs of today’s data center professionals with enriched features and improved performance.  

“With each new release, we want to give users more than what you would typically expect from a modeling software—and in the case of Release 16 we’ve certainly done that. While we aim to push the boundaries of modeling software to create powerful tools that connect the data center ecosystem, product enhancements are still linked to and driven by our customers’ needs. Many of Release 16’s updates were direct requests from our enterprise, colocation, and consultant customers to help them maximize data center performance on a global scale. Release 16 has several enhancements that speak to our commitment to create and develop the most relevant features data center professionals want and will use regularly,” says Mark Fenton, Product Manager at Future Facilities.  

Here is a preview of the new features and functionality in Release 16.

Enhanced View for Photorealistic Models

Enhanced view offers photorealistic graphics, including reflections and shadows. Create stunning high-quality images and videos for technical reports or marketing material utilizing the fast, agile model manipulation, customizable generated reports, and a range of animation options.

Customizable Dashboards and Reporting

In Release 16, you can create dashboards in the Insights page of 6SigmaAccess, allowing you to display individual or shared charts in a customizable dashboard layout. Display the charts and graphs most relevant to your role, all of which are easy to share and tailor to your needs. Gain powerful visibility into key data center performance metrics quickly in one location.        

Cooling Infrastructure Equipment and Result Visualizations

New views and objects provide innovative ways to visualize external models and empower risk analysis. For example, we’ve added a simplified modeling level to the chiller object. This option allows users to define the chiller’s performance from readily available input data, such as heat emitted and air conditions at the intake and exhaust.

BIM IFC Integrations

IFC files can now be imported into 6SigmaRoom with objects either mapped to a library item, imported as drawings, or represented as solids. The default mapping for IFC files is becoming increasingly smart in Release 16, connecting imported objects to items in our library. The import process enables users to multiselect information to ignore, add, or define objects.

Power System Enhancements

New views, editable objects, and automations enhance power analysis and decision making in Release 16. For example, power strips are now editable objects in 6SigmaAccess, meaning you can drag and drop a power strip into the model and edit some of its properties from within the software.

To learn more about 6SigmaDCX Release 16, or to start a free trial, check out the Release 16 page here


Blog written by: Danielle Gibson, Product Marketing Manager

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10 January, 2022

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