Agile by Modular Design

Managing high performance demands, environmental responsibility, and energy efficiency is no simple feat. Thésée DataCenter has accomplished this difficult balancing act by sticking to an intelligent design concept.  

Specifically, Thésée DataCenter’s campus will eventually offer six data center buildings, each housing two identical data halls of 534m^2 commissioned in three phases of 1MW, 2MW and 3MW IT capacity build out. 

But what happens when they meet the capacity of the land? How can the data center upscale quickly without disruption when capacity requirements grow? 

Thésée DataCenter was built on a modular design concept for this very reason.   

Pascal Lecoq, Worldwide Practice Director, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, who masterminded the design alongside Thésée DataCenter, explains: “We’ve got only IT infrastructure and network interconnect inside the Data Center shell – everything pertaining to facilities is outside; the design is modular in order to be incremented and upgraded really easily.” 

In other words, the data center modules can be upgraded in small increments of 500kW modules that only take months to set up. Mechanical and electrical equipment are based in container modules and if Thésée DataCenter wants 500kW more, they can order new containers that arrive in a short space of time. In turn, the cooling system has six Air Handling Units (AHUs) for indirect air free cooling currently in use but has six slots prepared to install more. This means Thésée DataCenter can double their cooling capacity in a short space of time.  

This modularity, coupled with the first-of-its-kind Data Center Management System (DCMS) powered by the 6Sigma Digital Twin, enables Thésée DataCenter to maximize capacity and upscale quickly and safely.  

To learn more about Thésée DataCenter’s innovative, modular design, check out this video.

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Blog written by: Danielle Gibson, Product Marketing Manager

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28 September, 2021

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