7 Tips You Need to Know When You WFH with 6SigmaDCX

6SigmaDCX has always had certain “work from home” (WFH) capabilities given the global nature of many data center projects and teams. However, with the recent increase in remote work, we thought it’d be helpful to examine how our engineers are tweaking the way they use our software to ensure that projects continue to run smoothly.

We’ve compiled some of their tips here so that your 6SigmaDCX software continues to run optimally even when you’re WFH.

7 WFH Tips for 6SigmaDCX Users

1.  Use Rescale for cloud solving if you can’t conveniently connect to your usual central compute server. Contact us for licensing enquiries here.

2. Use a remote desktop connection to operate 6SigmaDCX on a machine within the high-speed part of your company’s network. This will eliminate the need to load and save files over your internet connection.

3. Model files are usually small and can transfer quickly, but if you have a model with simulation results, keep in mind that the results files can be quite large and take a long time to transfer over a VPN or home internet connection.

4. Graphics performance might be a bit slower over a remote desktop. Make sure your 6Sigma Graphics options are configured for the fastest performance with the following settings found in: 

File > Options > Graphics

  • Disable Animated View Transition
  • Enable Fast View Manipulation
  • Disable Full Detail Graphics

Figure 1. Disable and enable the above graphic options to ensure fast performance

5. Un-link any shared libraries if using 6Sigma on your own machine to reduce unnecessary traffic over your internet connection.

6. If you are solving models on your own machine at home, make sure the model files are also stored within your home network, ideally on the same machine.

7. Solve remotely via batch queue rather than logging into a virtual machine if you experience connection issues when working from home.

Tech Support: Bring Us Your Questions—We Might Just Host a Webinar About It!


We recently held a webinar series to answer some of our customers most pressing questions. Let us know if you run into any software issues in our User Support Forum. You can always contact us here if you have more general questions!

Blog written by: Robert Schmidt, Director of Sales + Client Innovation - Data Center Infrastructure Software SME

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29 May, 2020

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