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6SigmaRoom Operational Management

Plan Changes with Confidence

There are many short term drivers that require changes to be made in a data center, be them infrastructural changes or every day IT deployments.

Each change carries a risk of sacrificing service availability, compute capacity or energy efficiency through fragmentation of space, power, cooling and networking distribution.

To maintain a
flexible data center that will meet your current and future needs, it is essential not only to plan and monitor but also predict.

Predictive Modeling utilises the Virtual Facility to evaluate every change prior to installation.

It  visualises infrastructure and assets in a single 3D environment, providing a holistic approach to planning any change.

At any given point in the life cycle of your data center find the balance that suits you between:

  • Availability
  • Capacity
  • Efficiency
Only with predictive modeling will you know how altering one affects the other two.

Why Predictive Modeling is Essential for Managing a Modern Computing Facility

'Data centers are rapidly changing complex systems that are critical for operating any modern business. Most such facilities are imperfectly measured and poorly optimized, resulting in stranded capital and wasted operating expenses (many operators don't even realize how essential computer modeling of their facility is for optimizing their operations).'

Jonathan Koomey, Research Fellow
Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance, Stanford University

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Get the most out of your Data Center...

Whether your remit is maximising energy savings, maximising compute capacity, or a bit of both, you can get the best of both worlds without sacrificing availibility.

wherever your starting point.

6SigmaDC’s modular approach to Predictive Modeling means that you can start from design, assessment, or integration into and already existing management solution (DCIM).

Ensure Availability Before Deployment

Proactively check future temperature and breaker thresholds prior to installation and avoid the need to cap power or increase cooling costs.

Defer Capital Costs

Reclaiming stranded capacity will extend the life of your existing data centers. Remember... the most cost effective data center is the one you do not have to build!


Save Energy with Confidence
Before making changes to your infrastructure or control system, ensure your proposed energy saving initiative will work not only under normal operating conditions but more importantly any failure scenario.

See below the possibilities a couple of companies had after utilising the Virtual Facility:




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3D Visualisation

Improve cross-department communication between FM and IT maximising resource utilisation through a common 3D Visual Interface.

Plan for space, power, and cooling. Visualise future deployment conflicts, physical clashes, electrical resilience, airflow and temperature distribution.
No guess work here. The ability to drill down from room, to rack, to server ensures that facilities and IT teams are always on the same page.

Open Interface

If you are just starting out, the ability to import from AutoCAD® and Excel® could not be easier.

For existing systems, vendor-neutral bi-directional support allows for integration with asset management, power monitoring, and environmental sensing.

FM Video
Propose, test, accept

Create and test multiple 'what if's' to find the best solution to maintaining future resilience and capacity. The Virtual Facility allows multiple futures to be proposed and tested before you commit.

Access and Control

Access and visualisation can be controlled based on roles and rack ownership. Plans can be made in parallel by different teams which are automatically combined to resolve conflicts. A history of facility and IT deployment changes provide a full audit trail.

Power Management

View electrical distribution from server up to utility supply taking into account phase balancing, transferred power, breaker overloads, and single point of failure.

Predict the future state of your power network after any proposed deployment.


Thermal Management

Identify the root cause of a server overheat or environmental sensor alert. The built-in analytics identifies whether your problem is caused by internal rack configuration or the cooling delivery of the room. Predict the future airflow distribution and environmental conditions after any proposed deployment.


Smart IT Deployment

Check and reserve your space, power, cooling requirements all in one simplified and easy to use application.


Extensive Equipment / Symbol Libraries

No need to spend time building your assets. Just drag and drop from the detailed component libraries. If the library item does not exist, simply request through our library creation service.

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IT Demand Management

Bullet Consider Installs, Moves, Uninstalls… to IT equipment considering space, power, cooling, network
    and weight in choosing locations.
Bullet Synchronize the virtual facility with other management tools by, for example, importing changes from
    asset management tools, and use simulation to assess plans before deployment.

Capacity Management
Bullet Use thermal simulations to reset cooling limits on cabinets as IT layout deviates from original
    design loads.
Bullet Export updated cooling limits back to IT asset management tools.

Facility Management
Bullet Assess the impact of taking an ACU down for maintenance or simulate an ACU failure scenario.
Bullet Identifying potential energy savings – for example, identify bypass air and ACU short-circuiting plus
    test potential fixes before deployment.
Bullet Periodically assess whether the facility is being overcooled and reconsider energy efficiency
    measures that could be adopted.
Bullet Test whether cooling set-points can be turned up to make cooling system more efficient without
    compromising resilience.

Design Upgrades
Bullet Test effectiveness of proposed changes such as hot- or cold- aisle containment or cabinet-level
    cooling before deployment.
Bullet Test impact of new cable routes on airflow management before deployment.
Bullet Consider changes to cooling strategies.
Bullet Assess effects of different control strategies such as group control, control-on-supply or pressure
Bullet Test performance of a new ACU design such as EC fans in the floor void or variable-speed drives.

Trouble shooting
Bullet Diagnose the cause of overheating equipment.
Bullet Test potential fixes before deployment.

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“Past Performance is No Guarantee of Future Results”

While monitoring is essential to understand your present state, making any change is all about understanding future implications. Future Facilities are pioneering the use of Predictive modelling throughout the lifecycle of a data center.

Using a Virtual Facility, future plans can be overlaid onto the present state to predict the future resilience, stranded capacity and energy efficiency.

Solid Foundations

Our bottom-up rather than top-down approach ensures that no pieces are missing from the picture. The basic building block of Predictive Modeling is a single data hall, combining IT with infrastructure. This allows you to predict the engineering consequences of any change.

Proven Technology

Future Facilities now provide a solution that uses the same Virtual Facility as the industry-leading solution for Data Center Design and Assessment giving improved communication between data center operators and their consultants.

Dedicated to Data Centers

Our software and engineering teams are fully dedicated to the Data Center industry, providing a unique combination of data center expertise, research and engineering analysis. This includes software, training, support and consultancy in the following areas:

           -  Data Center Design
           -  Data Center Assessment
           -  Data Center Operations


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