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Design. Assessment. Troubleshooting.

No in-house capabilities? No problem.

Our professional services teams can help, whether you want to reduce hot-spots, improve ASHRAE compliance, verify the cooling performance of your TIERTM certified facility or even design the space outside of your data center.
We work with clients whose interests range from legacy DC to cutting edge design for all applications including enterprise, colo and cloud.

Assessments and the Performance Indicator

Our engineers can evaluate your operational performance to find an acceptable balance between efficiency and risk. The Performance Indicator (PI) from The Green Grid makes it easy to review your options, before you commit to any of them.

Understand your data center as it is today, take greater advantage of newer technologies, and get more from your data center real estate.

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Modeling and Troubleshooting

We know the problems you face. Whether you’re designing good or remedying bad, whether you’re focused on the white space or the supporting infrastructure. 

Contact us if you are unsure about answering questions like: 

  • What is the best cooling layout?
  • Can the control system be improved?
  • How will my chillers perform in different weather conditions?

From concept through to operation, the earlier you involve us in the process, the greater the benefits we can provide.


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