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6SigmaRoom 6SigmaRoomPlanner

Space Planning for Data Centers.

A powerful tool for conceptual design for major infrastructure or IT updates of an existing data hall. It completely replaces the need for a CAD tool or spreadsheet for these functions.

6SigmaRoomPlanner offers many of the basic functions of the 6SigmaRoom and 6SigmaRoomLite applications, but without the analytical capability, making it a cost-effective, entry-level platform for undertaking space planning from a physical perspective, and where appropriate, including an inventory.


''The 6SigmaDC suite is good software with a friendly interface. It really reduces time in model development and system analysis. '

Kuo-Chan Hung, National Center For High-Performance Computing

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    Easy to use GUI

     Full ability to create and change architectural      geometry,   cooling / ventilation, power and IT      configurations:

           ▪ Configure IT Layout
           ▪ Layout Cooling Infrastructure
              - For Raised / Non-Rasied Floor configurations
              - For any cooling strategy
           ▪ Layout Power Infrastructure



Extensive Equipment Libraries

No need to spend time building objects. Just drag and drop from:

       ▪ Conceptual Design Libraries
       ▪ Libraries of manufacturers equipment

       * Libraries include IT Equipment, Cooling systems,          Power systems, etc.

   Information at your Fingertips

    Automatic collation of your configuration:

          ▪ In Design
              - Summary of infrastructure
              - Summary of IT

          ▪ In management
              - Summaries as above plus full IT asset list

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Building the Model

Bullet  Easy-to-use GUI giving full ability to create and change architectural geometry, cooling/ventilation,      power and IT configurations.

Bullet  CAD import generating outlines for geometry creation.  read more

Bullet  Equipment data import from an existing inventory via neutral file format.

Bullet  Different cooling systems easily represented to allow for internal and external cooling units, raised
    and non-raised floor systems, duct distribution systems etc;

Bullet  Intelligent modelling objects for easy representation of typical data center parts such as:

    - IT equipment;
    - Cooling units with different cooling media and fan types;
    - Power system components such as PDU, UPS, transformer…;
    - Air terminals such as floor grilles, square / rectangular diffusers, swirl diffusers etc.

Bullet  Extensive libraries of IT equipment, cabinets, cooling units, etc.

Bullet  Drag-&-drop items of equipment from the library for model creation and update.

Bullet  View the complete datacenter inventory.

Making the Most of It

Bullet  Quick views of:

    - IT equipment layout;
    - Cooling Infrastructure;
    - Power:
      - Installed Power;
      - Planned IT limits;
    - Cable routes
for power and data

Bullet  Summary data as:

    - Overview for the entire data hall;
    - Tables for user defined selections

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Future Facilities Named "Cool Vendor" in the DCIM Space by Leading Industry Analyst Firm
Release 7 Now Available!
RTKL Associates Select 6SigmaRoomLite


Webinar - Release 7 - 14 June
Webinar - Data Center Modeling MUST DOs! - 19 June
Webinar - CFD Modeling of Efficiency Solutions - 26 June
6SigmaDC Training Class - 27 to 29 June
Webinar: CFD Modeling of Efficiency Solutions - 15 Aug
6SigmaDC Server Challenge... The Results Are In!
DataCenterDynamics Conference and Expo, London 14-15 November 2012
Webinar - Data Center Modeling MUST DOs! - 28 Nov
DataCenterDynamics Conference and Expo, Istanbul 4 December 2012
Webinar - Predictive DCIM - 23 May 2013
Webinar - Predictive DCIM - 27 June 2013
DataCentres Ireland, Dublin, 5-6 November
DataCenterDynamics Conference and Expo, New York 11 March 2014
Best Practices alone aren't enough to reduce risk and costs in Data Center Operations, 5 February
ASHRAE 2015 Winter Conference, Chicago, 24-28 January
DCD Dubai, 4th May
Data Center and Computing Conference, NY, June 15-16
DataCentres North, Manchester UK, 10-11 February
DCD Singapore, 15-16 September
Critical Facilities Summit, Charlotte NC, 5-7 October

White Papers / Case Studies

White Paper: Predicitive DCIM
White Paper: Billion Dollar Drain


Media / Demos

Hardware Recommendations

6SigmaDC is a program suite that will require different levels of hardware resource depending on the size and complexity of the models it is used to create and run.
For the sake of basic training and other small models (< 500sqft), it will run on a standard laptop with 1GB RAM and integrated graphics.
Any other modelling use is likely to require more powerful hardware.
The license server component, which can be installed separately on a remote machine, requires very little resource and should run on any supported Windows PC.
Supported Operating Systems. 32 and 64bit: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003,Windows Server 2008, Windows HPC Server 2008.
Virtual machines are not recommended.

Example configurations for mid-range systems:
Laptop - Mobile Core i7, 4-8GB RAM, Discrete graphics, 500GB HDD
Desktop - Core i7 or Xeon UP, 12GB RAM, nVidia Quadro FX 580, 1TB HDD
Server - Xeon DP or MP, 32GB+ RAM, nVidia Quadro FX 1800, 1TB HDD



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