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Avoid almost certain troubles – reduce your risk by designing your rack configuration scientifically

6sigmaRack is the software tool you can use to configure racks/cabinets within the Virtual Facility in order to minimise the risk of thermal failure.

Rack- and shelf-mounted equipment can be easily dragged-&-dropped from the library into the cabinet giving a full 3D model of the cabinet and its contents.

An automatically generated, yet fully adjustable, test environment enables you to evaluate the thermal and airflow performance. Once a Predict Temperatures calculation has been made with the 6SigmaDC CFD Solver, you can visualise where the air flows be it cool or warm. This allows you to make and test “educated” changes to ensure the cool air-supply reaches the equipment, minimising the opportunity for re-circulation of hot air within the virtual cabinet.

Once an effective design is found you can be confident that with a good room design your equipment will be likely to perform at its best with minimal risk of thermally induced failures. 6SigmaRack also provides the ideal test chamber in which to make new equipment models.

'The ability to accurately forecast rack level cooling requirements is an important step to optimizing data center efficiencies and overall facility performance. TSC feels that 6SigmaDC offers this in an extremely accurate and user friendly package.'

         Michael Lahoud, Systems Engineer
              Tubbesing Sales Corporation

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Get the Rack right

Quickly set up and analyse multiple configurations to ensure that once deployed, its not the cabinet that's letting you down.

Design yourself, or simply drag and drop from the detailed cooling and IT component libraries. If the library item does not exist, simply request through our library creation service.


Acurate internal analysis

No guess work here. The ability to model right down to the gaps between the mounting frame and the cabinet walls will ensure you know whether it is the cabinet, IT configuration, or even the cable routing that is causing the issue.

Fast Solution Times

Get results within minutes utilising the latest optimised solver technologies specifically tuned for the data center industry.

Communication is key!

Create reports, images, or even animations at the touch of a button to get the information where you need it fast.

           ▪ Html / PPT Report generation
           ▪ Png Image / dwg (2D & 3D) export
           ▪ WMV, Animated GIF movie export

Build your own libraries so your findings can be exported and utilised when solving room scale issues in 6SigmaRoom or 6SigmaFM.

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 Comprehensive libraries of cabinets and rack-mounted equipment.

Fully adjustable models of the rack/cabinet to allow for:

     - Almost any cabinet design of rack- and shelf-mounted equipment;
     - Almost any airflow configuration including assisted cooling devices such as fan trays.

Cabinet model features include:

     - Automatic equipment location/alignment;
     - Solid and perforated shelf-elements;
     - Any equipment-ventilation strategy.

Test environments from simple user-set ambient conditions to small test-facilities including
     air- cooling units and all elements that go to make up a real test-facility.

Full 3D analysis of airflow and temperature for test environment/facility.

Straightforward post-processing to identify:

     - Equipment at risk;
     - Cooling effectiveness;
     - Recirculation paths.

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Hardware Recommendations

6SigmaDC is a program suite that will require different levels of hardware resource depending on the size and complexity of the models it is used to create and run.
For the sake of basic training and other small models (< 500sqft), it will run on a standard laptop with 1GB RAM and integrated graphics.
Any other modelling use is likely to require more powerful hardware.
The license server component, which can be installed separately on a remote machine, requires very little resource and should run on any supported Windows PC.
Supported Operating Systems. 32 and 64bit: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003,Windows Server 2008, Windows HPC Server 2008.
Virtual machines are not recommended.

Example configurations for mid-range systems:
Laptop - Mobile Core i7, 4-8GB RAM, Discrete graphics, 500GB HDD
Desktop - Core i7 or Xeon UP, 12GB RAM, nVidia Quadro FX 580, 1TB HDD
Server - Xeon DP or MP, 32GB+ RAM, nVidia Quadro FX 1800, 1TB HDD



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