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6SigmaRoom Training

All you need to know

At Future Facilities we can provide you with in-depth training on the entire 6SigmaDC suite, as well as experimental site survey activities – run either at your premises or ours, whichever is most convenient for you.

At present, three courses are available:

  Standard – up to three days of hands-on use to get
     you up and running with 6SigmaDC software.

  Advanced – tailored to meet your needs, to get the
     very best out of the 6SigmaDC Software Suite.
     Select from over 10 main topic areas.

  Site Survey – Learn with Future Facilities
     engineering teams on how to most efficiently obtain      all the information required to create a calibrated      Virtual Facility Model.

All courses can be followed-up by a trial period of 6SigmaDC along with full hotline support.

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on any of the above.

  • Standard
  • Advanced
  • Site Survey

Standard Training Courses

6SigmaRoom is the design tool in the 6SigmaDC suite of products used to build the Virtual Facility (VF) from scratch. A complete set of modelling objects such as cabinets, ACUs, cooling pipes, floor grilles, power and data cables and, most importantly, equipment libraries are included to provide maximum flexibility. 6SigmaRoom is used primarily for space, power and cooling design, with an emphasis on complete cooling-path design from ACU supplies to equipment inlets, to ACU returns.

Training consists of a total of four tutorials focusing on building and analysing a VF model from scratch. Students make incremental changes to the one datacenter model to finally establish a comprehensive VF.


  -  Getting Started / Demo: Overview of software operations and capabilities
  -  Tutorial 1: Students use an example VF to learn basic model creation operations, as well as viewing      and manipulating results
  -  Tutorial 2: Students construct a basic VF in 6SigmaRoom and predict airflow through floor grilles.


  -  Tutorial 3: Students learn modelling techniques to accurately predict under-floor airflow distribution       and tile-flow rates
  -  Tutorial 4: Students learn modelling techniques for the room itself to accurately predict the thermal      environmental conditions for the equipment installed
  -  Bespoke Design: Start creation of bespoke VF for datacenter enabling students to put into practice      the concepts learned in the class


  -  $1,800 per Student (includes full 30-day license of 6SigmaRoom)



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Advanced Training Courses

Students can pick and choose from the following modules of interest:

  Using the AutoCAD interface:
     -  Interoperability between different CAD tools is a necessity when building models quickly and
        effectively. Learn the nuances of the import/export capability between AutoCAD & 6SigmaDC.

  Building a Duct Ventilation System:
     -  Cooling ducts are a great way to overcome the inefficiencies associated with peripheral room
        side-cooling units. Learn how to use a ducted ventilation system to supply / extract air to / from a
        facility using cooling ducts, and also building custom hollow cooling-ducts.

  Applying Solar Radiation to a Facility Model:
     -  A 'How do I?' for modelling a facility with glazed panels exposed to solar radiation. It explains how
        to apply solar radiation, how it is transmitted through the glazing and internal space, and the
        assumptions made for heat dissipation.

  Constructing an ACU with General Controls:
     -  Study the effects of using different fan types – radial fan, swirling fans and blowers. Additionally,
        compare the effect of using remote vs. sensors on the cooling capacity of an ACU.

  Perform Cooling Failure Analysis:
     -  Simulate complete power failure and recovery
     -  Simulate ACU failure

  Constructing an Equipment Model:
     -  Learn how to create 3-, 4-, & 5-star standard equipment models.

  Constructing a Detailed Cabinet Model:
     -  Learn how to create sophisticated cabinet options for panels, power strips, internal cabling
        options, fan trays and heat exchangers.

  Representing the Power System:
     -  Understand the elements in the power system, set up legitimate power connections, import
        equipment power system connections, scale power data to match reality, and analyze power

  Animations & Walkthroughs:
     -  Discover what can be animated and the associated settings required, in this powerful way of
        communicating the configuration of the Virtual Facility (VF) and results of simulation.

  Analysis and Reporting:
     -  Learn how to create custom HTML / PPT reports using the refined report generation capability in

  Energy Efficiency:
     -  Energy efficiency is a hot topic these days. Learn how to apply Cooling Path Management (CPM)
        on differing VFs and extract Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) directly from 6SigmaDC.


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Site Survey Courses

As well as creating software, Future Facilities has feet on the ground to understand better how best to make the 6SigmaDC software perform with the real data center. The software is tested on a daily bases by our own engineers to ensure it meets up to the reality of data center operations.

Get the most out of your simulations by enrolling on one of our survey courses where you will find out what information we collect to ensure siimulations are right first time.



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