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World-Class Consulting Services

To say datacenters are expensive to build is an understatement. So anything that can be done to extend their useful life is usually a priority for most datacenter operators. Future Facilities can help by providing a full range of consulting services to complement your own in-house expertise – from solving existing problems to offering advice on expansion plans.

Our Consultancy is always tightly integrated with, and complementary to, the development of the Virtual Facility (VF) to ensure you obtain the greatest benefit from the evolving methodology.

Consulting services for both datacenters and third-parties operating within this market include:

  Facility Design
  Energy Efficiency Assessment

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  • Facility Design
  • Troubleshooting
  • Energy Efficiency Assessment

Facility Design

Using the VF that we’ll create for you, we will be able to evaluate for you the performance of load versus cooling for any given equipment distribution in a new facility. And once created, the VF will can form the basis for ongoing optimisation of your datacenter. For a typical pressurised floor facility these can include:

  Floor-void depth analysis against pressure distribution
  Size and distribution of air handler units
  Floor-tile layout and subsequent airflow through them
  Equipment load distribution
  Failure analysis

One of the most important parts of this activity is to help you with the choice of cabinets and the load distribution within them.


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If you have an existing datacenter with cooling issues or expansion plans, Future Facilities can provide onsite measurement and consultancy services that complement the creation of the VF.

These include:

  Temperature data-logging
  Pressure data-logging
  Airflow measurements
  Air-handler performance
  Equipment inventory logging

The results of these surveys are then compared against the theoretical performance of the VF, providing the basis of a more accurate evaluation of the performance of the datacenter as a whole. This calibrated “baseline” VF is then used to troubleshoot or define any new expansion in capacity for the datacenter.


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Energy Efficiency Assessment

Using the VF, Future Facilities can evaluate the energy efficiency of your existing datacenter as expressed in PUE or “Building Efficiency”. These consultations can continue on an ongoing basis to further optimise cooling-system waste.

For a typical facility, these can include the following option to minimise bypass and recirculating airflow:

  Airflow management
  Floor-tile layout
  Equipment load distribution
  Failure analysis

As a result of increasing cooling-system efficiency, you gain the opportunity to determine the extent to which chilled air/water-supply temperature set-points can be adjusted, so as to drive potential significant cost reductions.


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