Seminar Presentations from the 6SigmaDC Conference 2011 including Intel, Colt, Facebook, 451 Group, and DLB Associates

Future Facilities held the 2011 6SigmaDC Data Center Conference & User Training event in San Francisco, November 2011. The three-day event combined high-profile seminar presentations with networking opportunities and 6SigmaDC training.

Did you miss the event? Don't worry - you can still download the presentations given by INTEL, FACEBOOK, COLT, and other industry leaders! CLICK HERE to learn more and download!

Intel Corp. - Chuck Rego, Chief Architect at Intel Corp, discussed a data center management methodology based on the integration of server-level monitoring and the 6SigmaDC Virtual Facility.

Facebook - Veerendra Mulay, Thermal Engineer at Facebook, discussed the Open Compute standard for data center and server design, and its significance for the data center industry.

Colt - Guy Ruddock, VP Operations for Data Centre Services at Colt, discussed the Modular Data Center concept and implementation, and its optimisation through use of the 6SigmaDC Virtual Facility methodology.

Integral Group (formally Rumsey Engineers) - Peter Rumsey, M.D. & Principal of Integral Group, discussed the benefits of the OpenCompute reference design and the growing importance of design integration across the entire physical scale of the data center from chip to facility.

DLB Associates discussed the benefits of Cooling Path Management and ASHRAE recommendations as an alternative to industry 'best practices', in order to improve the efficiency of data center operations.

The 451 Group discussed the role played by DCIM software and CFD modeling as a means to close the communication gap between IT and facilities operational practices.

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