Intel Presentation: "New Standard for Data Center Thermal Sensors, Efficiency & Cooling Control" - as given at 2011 6SigmaDC Conference

Future Facilities held the 2011 6SigmaDC Data Center Conference & User Training event in San Francisco, November 2011. Presenters at the conference included Facebook, Intel, Colt, Integral Group, DLB Associates, and The 451 Group.

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Charles Rego, Chief Architect at Intel Corp, presented:
A New Standard for Data Center Thermal Sensors, Data Center Efficiency and Optimized Cooling Control

The total power consumption spent on data center cooling can range from 25 to 60% depending on implementation of best practices to achieve efficiency. Cooling system efficiency is a first order factor in the useful lifespan of the data center. This study will show that with optimized cooling control one could reduce the total cost of ownership significantly while optimizing cooling budget with no performance loss under increased ambient temperature conditions.
A key component of the study will be the use of CFD analysis for optimizing data center cooling efficiency as an integral function of daily operations. Further, the study will describe how embedding new thermal sensors in servers enables thermal information to be made available to the data center systems and CFD software without the need for external sensors. This allows the measurement and reporting of server volumetric airflow and inlet/outlet temperatures. This information can be used to effectively to make critical cooling and power decisions. This data is also used as input to a CFD model for accurate predictive analysis and optimization of future change scenarios, thus increasing the data center efficiency and reducing power consumption even further.

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