Webinar - Data Center Modeling MUST DOs! Thurs 25th Aug, 8am/11am PST

There's a right way and a wrong way to model a data center. Some of today's common modeling practices overlook some of the critical elements that are required for an accurate representation of your Data Center. 6SigmaRoomLite will be used to demonstrate how these missed inputs may affect your model.

This event has already taken place. REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED. Keep an eye out for the next Future Facilities webinar event!

6SigmaRoomLite, Future Facilities' new low-cost introductory CFD modeling tool for Data Centers, is optimized for conceptual modeling and is intended for the novice and/or occasional user. 6SigmaRoomLite provides a quick and simple approach to the build of a Virtual Facility, but not at the expense of CFD modeling accuracy.

There are critical elements to any Data Center CFD model which are not always found in the industry's CFD offerings. The following bare minimum items are included as standard modeling inputs in 6SigmaRoomLite:
- Buoyancy/Gravity driven flow
- In cabinet modeling detail (IT densities, blanking, side-to-side equipment, subfloor-to-cabinet interactions)
- Accurate representation of physical objects (obstructions in the raised floor, perforated tiles, air moving devices)

The question can then be asked: how significantly do these modeling details affect the design of your data center?
In this webinar, a side by side comparisons will be conducted to show how significant these elements do in fact affect the design of your data center.

The incorporation of these elements will only lead to:
- An improved representation of your environment (accurate temperatures, airflows, velocities, pressures, etc)
- A more accurate approximation of Data Center performance
- An overall better model to optimize your designs or study your data centers

Join us for a one hour web presentation about the effects that the above mentioned factors have on your data center; and how CFD modeling software 6SigmaRoomLite accurately incorporates these factors into your virtual facility.

Our presenters will overview the right way and the wrong way CFD modeling should be conducted and how accurately modeling can only further reduce the energy costs of your data center!

Date: Thursday August 25th 2011
Time: 8:00am PST / 11:00am PST

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