Article - The Future Lies in Simulation

First Published: Netcomms Europe, Vol 1 Issue 4 Mar 2011

The right kind of simulation software can take the guesswork out of data centre design and management and vastly improve operations, says Alexandra Bannerman, Technical Marketing Engineer at Future Facilities Ltd.

"Despite the data centre industry's best efforts, we still read about the facilities of huge, global corporations suffering from thermally induced outages, networking problems, and power failures, bringing downtime that often results in major financial loss and a large dent in customer confidence.
This isn't often down to carelessness; in fact a huge amount of resource is usually allocated to the design and maintenance of these facilities. The simple fact is that the task of running a successful data centre is an extremely complex one in which the data centre manager is required to juggle a huge number of continually changing factors, all of which have a major impact on the workings of the facility.

Although this is a recognised, long-standing issue with a multitude of promised 'quick fixes' from various gadgets and tricks, data centre success is still no sure thing for the majority of operators. In a multi-billion dollar industry that supports many others, as well as our modern day lives, one would hope that there is a better way to cope..."

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