Article - Simulation and Data Centers - A Virtually Perfect Match

First published: Data Centre Management magazine, May/June 2009

Computer Simulation is the low risk and modern approach to ensuring data centers remain efficient and effective throughout the complete lifecycle, says Alexandra Bannerman, Technical Marketing Engineer, Future Facilities Limited.

"Data center design and management has always been a complex domain. An optimal data center configuration is essentially a moving target that owner/operators are ill-equipped to aim for. Planning for the present, guessing at the long term future - it is an uncertain process that has, unfortunately, become the norm.

The uncertainty arises as a result of the transient nature of a data center; load capacities, IT equipment designs, and facility requirements themselves are always changing. Every one of these factors has its own volatile effect on the environment within the predefined, fixed facility infrastructure. Owner/operators simply don't have the tools to evaluate their changing objectives or even define them accurately in the first place."

"For such an important, indispensable industry, it is imperative to eliminate the uncertainty, and find a way forward; simulation is the only solution."

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