Case Study: Simulation Tool Provides Insight into Performance Improvement of Cold Aisle Containment System.


Wright Line performed a study about the impact of cold aisle containment on IT equipment cooling and cooling system efficiency. The study was conducted at a Baycare Health Systems Facility in Tampa Bay, Florida. The initial installation of the containment system showed unexpected results that did not represent appropriate overall improvement to cooling performance and efficiency.

The Paper:

In conjunction with Future Facilities, Wright Line's Professional Services Division conducted thorough field measurements of the cold aisle containment region and developed a detailed computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model in 6SigmaDC. The resulting CFD model was calibrated to match closely the environmental conditions in the facility. After calibration, the model was used to visualize the root causes of the cooling and efficiency problems and develop a solution that increased system effectiveness.
The case study highlights the following:
- The impact of the containment system on cooling system performance and the IT equipment - The process of CFD modeling and model calibration - The use of CFD models to visualize cooling performance problems and develop solutions

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