ATS-Europe uses 6SigmaET for LED design and thermal management

Future Facilities' 6SigmaET Solves Cooling Problems Of Heat-Generating Electronics Components

Case study from ATS-Europe tells how new software shrank the size and cost of an LED lighting device

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January 18, 2011 - Future Facilities, the leading provider of thermal simulation software for critical facilities and electronics components, today released a case study showing that its new CFD software for electronics cooling design, 6SigmaET solves the problem of how to shrink electronics devices that generate heat.

Electronics design engineers face complex tradeoffs when they design small high-power-consuming lighting devices like LEDs. The market wants smaller, brighter and more reliable lighting devices. But those features cost more. Can designing the new generation of LEDs using simulation reduce their cost and improve their performance?

The answer is, yes! Thermal simulation can solve electronic device design problems.

The Future Facilities' case study describes how Advanced Thermal Solutions-Europe, BV (ATS-Europe, BV), a leading European design consultant, used Future Facilities' 6SigmaET software to model lamp performance while simultaneously reducing heat sink cost, selecting the optimal high-performance coating for the LED's heat sink, and matching the LED to the correct circuit board.

"At ATS-Europe BV, we are very pleased with the capabilities of the 6SigmaET CFD software module," said Norbert Engelberts, Director, ATS-Europe, BV.

"6SigmaET is capable of analyzing all kinds of issues and features within the electronics cooling field including non-rectangular shapes, like those found in LED light fixtures. A comprehensive standalone tool, 6SigmaET doesn't need additional MCAD software for data entry, which means it is especially straightforward to use. The software is fast, fits our thermal modeling needs perfectly, and experimental testing in our laboratories has proven that the simulation results predict component temperatures with accuracy."

Engelberts continued, "We are very satisfied with the excellent service from the Future Facilities team, and with 6SigmaET which helps us better serve our customer needs."

"This case study shows how the latest member of our 6SigmaDC suite of thermal simulation software, 6SigmaET, can solve the difficult problems of electronic device design," said Sherman Ikemoto, General Manager, Future Facilities North America.

Ikemoto continued, "6SigmaET builds on its predecessors 6SigmaDC and 6SigmaFM, and applies our world-leading cooling simulation technology to the business and engineering problems of moving and removing heat from electronic devices."

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