Webinar - Data Center Modeling MUST DOs! - 28 Nov

CFD modeling… we all know what it is, and have in one way or another been exposed it in our Data Center careers - but it isn’t always for the faint of heart!

Fortunate for many industries including Data Centers, software tools exist to streamline the processes making it seem quick and easy. The reality is that Computational Fluid Dynamics is an extremely complex mathematical process, which if done incorrectly, is bound to send its users astray. And the problem is that, without proper knowledge of what minimum information should be included in a model, any user will be able to generate quick and easy results (plots, images, reports), but may be unknowing of whether the results they are looking at are sound.

The old adage holds true - it’s "garbage in, garbage out"... and in Data Center CFD modeling, this is especially true!!

In this round of Modeling Must-Do's, we will focus on proper modeling of some of the latest Data Center Cooling strategies seen today as well as discuss some bare minimum modeling inputs for any Data Center application:

1. Accurate Containment Modeling (Hot Aisle or Cold Aisle)
   • Proper Containment Inputs
   • Studying the effects of containment to the under-floor space
   • Understanding the pressure inside a contained aisle
2. Proper Modeling of Central AHU Applications
   • Rooftop, AHU Room, Vertical Plenums, Ducted Delivery applications
   • Modeling a complete airflow distribution path
   • Pitfalls to look for
3. Accurate Representation of IT Devices and Cabinets
   • Correctly modeling IT/Cabinet interactions
   • The effects of IT density
   • The effects of blanking plates and leakage through rails
4. Buoyancy modeling
   • What is Bouyancy?
   • How much does buoyancy affect the flow field?

This presentation is not just for CFD modelers, but Data Center owners who rely on CFD for the design and assessment of their facilities. Our presenters will overview the right way and the wrong way CFD modeling should be conducted and how accurately modeling can only further improve your facility performance and reduce your energy costs!

Join us for a one hour web presentation about the effects that the above mentioned factors have on your data center; and how CFD modeling software should accurately incorporates these factors into your virtual facility.

Date and Time...

Date: Wednesday November 28th 2012
Time: 10:00am PST

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