6SigmaDC Server Challenge... The Results Are In!

Data Center World / 24x7, 2012 - Future Facilities would like to thank everyone who visited our booth and learnt more about our products. We would especially like to thank those who participated in the Server Deployment Challenge.

We came up with the challenge to promote our tool's ability to manage data center capacity. Our tool, 6SigmaFM, was designed with DCIM in mind with an emphasis on capacity management. It can be used to not only manage data that exists in data centers - assets, space, power distribution and connectivity, cooling, environment, and monitoring data - it can also help manage capacity of the facility going forward.

To demonstrate this ability, we came up with this (not so simple) challenge. Contestants had to load 5 fully loaded IBM Blade Center, 3 HP Proliant DL380 G7 servers, and a Cisco 6509 Chassis. This totaled to 16.6 kW of additional load.

To demonstrate our deployment tool capabilities, we had one contest at 24x7 to test the immediate impact of these installations. To demonstrate our capacity management capabilities, we had the other contest at AFCOM's Data Center World to test the effect of data center capacity after the deployments.

In both cases, evaluations were done using our simulation technology and techniques. Both contests awarded the top entry with an iPad.

Fill in the form below to not only read more about the contest, who won and how they were selected, but also learn how these Predictive techniques can be applied to manage your Data Center capacity too!

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...if you think you have the ability, why not drop us a line and take the challenge at the next available conference!