6SigmaET Webinar - 2 August

The electronics thermal software market has been stagnant for nearly 10 years with no significant changes to the existing tool sets. Today, Future Facilities is changing the face of electronics cooling software with the release of 6SigmaET, a new breed of simulation tools that is re-defining electronics cooling design. With an intense focus on usability and enhanced productivity, 6SigmaET is radically condensing the time to build, grid, solve and post-process results, enabling design engineers to explore more design options in less time than traditional CFD tools. The last 10 years has proven that there is no CFD "silver bullet" that will improve the ability of electronics thermal designers to more rapidly produce products. That is why Future Facilities has focused on true productivity enhancements around usability that significantly impact the time to market equation such as:

 • A single window user interface for all tasks: geometry creation, CAD import, CFD solver and results
    interrogation / visualization
 • Sophisticated geometry manipulation capabilities common in modern solid modeling software
 • Context-aware modeling objects that understand “what they are” and how they interact with other objects.
    More than simple geometry macros, these objects contain embedded CFD modeling decisions…the user builds
    the geometry and the software accounts for the CFD treatment automatically.
 • Completely automated gridding…object oriented grid ensures an appropriate grid is generated by simply
   creating geometry, including complex non-cartesian geometry.
 • Intelligently leverage MCAD and EDA data…convert “dumb” CAD data to intelligent ET modeling objects rather
    than just a collection of geometric shapes
 • Revision control, change tracking and accept/lock-out changes capability that allows design change history to
   be recorded and compared side by side throughout the design process
 • Computational techniques that are designed to take full advantage of today’s multi-core processing power

Date and Time...

Date: Thursday August 2nd 2012
Time: 9:00am EST & 11:00am EST

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