6SigmaDC Training Class - 27 to 29 June

6SigmaRoom is the design tool in the 6SigmaDC suite of products used to build the Virtual Facility (VF) from scratch. A complete set of modelling objects such as cabinets, ACUs, cooling pipes, floor grilles, power and data cables and, most importantly, equipment libraries are included to provide maximum flexibility. 6SigmaRoom is used primarily for space, power and cooling design, with an emphasis on complete cooling-path design from ACU supplies to equipment inlets, to ACU returns.

Training consists of a total of four tutorials focusing on building and analysing a VF model from scratch. Students make incremental changes to the one datacenter model to finally establish a comprehensive VF. Once completed there is then time towards the end of the course to start working with the tutor on student's own bespoke cases.

• Day1

-Getting Started / Demo: Overview of software operations and capabilities
-Tutorial 1: Students use an example VF to learn basic model creation operations, as well as viewing and manipulating results
-Tutorial 2: Students construct a basic VF in 6SigmaRoom and predict airflow through floor grilles.

• Day2

-Tutorial 3: Students learn modelling techniques to accurately predict under-floor airflow distribution and tile-flow rates
-Tutorial 4: Students learn modelling techniques for the room itself to accurately predict the thermal environmental conditions for the equipment installed

• Day3

- Bespoke Design: Enabling students apply what they have learnt over the previous two days to their own data center requirements under the watchful eye of the tutor.

• Cost

- $1800 per student

Registration for this particular training class is now closed. If you would like to participate in a future training class, please get in touch for our current schedule.