Webinar - Introduction to 6SigmaET - 8 May

6SigmaET bridges the gap that has existed between original equipment design and its placement and performance within the datacenter spelling an end to many of the ' design assumptions' which have been traditionally used for datacenter design decision-making.

The software brings a new level of productivity to electronics cooling design, overcoming many of the ease-of-use problems that have plagued analysis tools from the beginning – with new levels of automation and intelligence making 6SigmaET usable by the broad community of design engineers;

• A broad range of intelligent modeling objects such as: PCBs, chip sockets, and electronic components such as resistors and capacitors, temperature controlled fans and blowers, card and drive bays.

• Automated gridding of complex CAD shapes such as heatsinks, ducts, baffles with minimal user intervention.

• Modeling automation rules that auto: place, align, collision-detect and error-check. Plus grid-generation rules automatically ensure the optimum grid is always used.

• Simulation results are object-associated as well. Display of critical temperatures and airflow patterns can be initiated from the objects directly. Highly customizable automatic report-generation ensures the results of the study can be easily and effectively communicated.

• Automated revision-control and design-timeline tracking are included to enable designers to organize design variations and track design progress from concept to production.

This new level of intelligence and automation delivered by 6SigmaET enables designers to focus more intensely on the design and away from software operations. The result? A shortened learning curve, increased design productivity and tighter integration with the electrical and mechanical design and manufacturing.

Learn more about 6SigmaET's capabilities and applications in this webinar.

Date: Tuesday May 8th 2012
Time: 8:00am PST / 11:00am PST

This Event is now Closed