Webinar - Introduction to 6SigmaRoom - 22 May

At the virtual heart of it all 6SigmaRoom, as the name suggests, enables room designers and facility managers - facing the challenges of ever-increasing power densities - to rapidly design a new facility or review an existing facility for trouble shooting, improving efficiency or design upgrade.

Model variants can be created to reflect different conceptual designs or configurations. By default, new models are created with raised floors but this can be easily changed to include drop ceilings with or without raised floors, and internal or external cooling, plus many more variations.

A 6SigmaRoom model becomes your 3D Virtual Facility (VF) which can be used to understand the placement of not only the cooling and IT equipment within the architectural design but also power systems, cables, pipes, bunds, etc, and their interaction. This in turn makes it easy to evaluate the likely thermal performance of different conceptual designs and layouts for any new facility or upgrade.

6SigmaRoom is powerful tool that allows you to study various topics such as (but not limited to) -

Economizer Cooling
Evaporative Cooling
Variable Frequency Drives
External & Internal Cabinet Recirculation
Zone of Influence for ACUs
Transient/Failure Scenarios
Effects of Hot and or Cold Aisle Containment

Learn more about 6SigmaRoom's capabilities and applications in this webinar.

Date: Tuesday May 22nd 2012
Time: 8:00am PST / 11:00am PST

This Event is now Closed