Webinar - Introduction to 6SigmaRoomLite - 15 May

6SigmaRoomLite is the entry level module within the 6SigmaDC suite, providing a simple approach to the build of a scientifically accurate Virtual Facility - the key to data center optimization and management.

The software offers a clear, simple and accurate view of conceptual design and environmental issues within data centers.

Model, test and analyze your data center in its entirety, including infrastructure, cooling, cabinets, equipment and much more.

For more comprehensive modeling, simulations can be transferred to 6SigmaRoom or 6SigmaFM which provide in-depth modeling and management. Learn more about 6SigmaRoomLite's capabilities and applications in this webinar.

Date: Tuesday May 15th 2012
Time: 8:00am PST / 11:00am PST

This Event is now Closed