Webinar - Can You Afford Lost Capacity? Tuesday 6th March, 8am & 11am PST

At $10 to $30M per MW, IT loading capacity is a major, capital investment for any company. After the money has been spent, each unit of the newly acquired capacity must be put to good use in the same way that companies need production from each employee. But, most data centers never fully utilize their intended loading capacity. In fact, up to 40% of loading capacity can be lost in the shuffle and confusion of data center operations.

A typical response to lost capacity is a costly, disruptive infrastructure overhaul. The sad truth is that knee-jerk, overkill measures could be avoided if the source of the problem had been managed all along.

This begs the questions: How is capacity lost? Once lost, can it be reclaimed? How can lost capacity be avoided in the first place?

These questions and a case study from a major insurance company will be featured in the webcast. The case study illustrates the impact of a new data center management methodology that integrates CFD analysis, IT configuration management and workflow to predict, visualize and solve space, power and cooling capacity issues before committing the change to the actual data center.

Date: Tuesday March 6th 2012
Time: 8:00am PST / 11:00am PST

This Event is Now Closed