FFL Experts answer the big question: "Is CFD a must?" Read the white paper now!

(First published in Electronics Cooling magazine, December 2011)

Data centers have been cooled for many years by delivering cool air to the IT equipment via the room. One of the key advantages of this approach is the flexibility that it provides the owner/operator in terms of equipment deployment. In principle all that is necessary is to determine the maximum power consumption of the equipment and provide an equivalent amount of cooling to the data center.

Why then, since we have been building and operating data centers for decades using air cooling, do data centers experience hot spots and fail to reach their design expectations for capacity?

Mark Seymour, Chris Aldham, Matt Warner and Hassan Moezzi explain some of the challenges faced in the search for the perfect data center and why, given the variability of equipment design and the time varying nature of the data center load, CFD is not the only tool to be used in design and/ or management of a data center, but is an essential tool to enable maximum performance.

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