Presentation - Stulz & 6SigmaDC user Panduit present the benefits of CFD simulation!

Stulz and Panduit, users of the 6SigmaDC CFD software suite, presented the various benefits of CFD simulation in datacenters at DataCenterDynamics Converged, London.

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"Innovative data centres demand innovative cooling strategies. Gone are the days when Computer Room cooling was simply a case of sticking in enough CRAC units to match the future heat load plus a bit.
We explore the world of high density rack cooling and show how "It's all about Airflow". The ideal rack configuration makes efficient use of every available CRAC kW and by careful analysis of the airflow, tactical design decisions can be made that reduce risk and significantly improve energy efficiency.
Research shows that Data Centres seldom meet the operational and capacity requirements of their initial design. The new thermal challenge in a data centre is to deliver the right amount of airflow at the right temperature to IT equipment whilst efficiently removing the heat generated. Lack of airflow, not temperature, is typically the cause of thermal issues. If the data centre is an existing facility, a high-level Thermal Assessment will help to identify current thermal management issues and degree of best practice adoption, but it won't provide an accurate assessment of future problems when additional IT equipment is deployed or changes are made to the data centre layout.

Predictive simulation tools like Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis can identify the origin of current and future thermal problems in data centres. CFD maps, simulates and analyzes air flow, temperature and pressure to uncover hot spots, possible equipment malfunctions, physical layout challenges or other areas with potential cooling issues.
Join us as we discuss why high-density virtualised/consolidated environments demand a different and holistic approach to solve cooling dilemmas."

Click to download the presentation slides and detailed notes!