White Paper: Using Simulation to Improve Data Center Efficiency


Modern IT equipment with high power dissipation and powerful internal cooling fans are a primary cause of cooling and efficiency problems in today's mission critical facility. These problems appear when high-velocity, high-temperature exhaust air from IT equipment flows unintentionally into the inlets of surrounding equipment despite measures taken to prevent such occurrences.
The conventional approaches to data center cooling design such as the hot aisle/cold aisle layout, kW per cabinet limits and the use of traditional computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software tools are blind to equipment related cooling and efficiency problems - a primary cause of data center efficiency problems.

The Paper:

This paper describes the CFD-based modeling capability and design methodology that overcomes the limitations of conventional guidelines and traditional CFD-based approaches and is effective at addressing equipment related cooling and efficiency problems in the data center. Depending on circumstances, 30-50% improvement in cooling system efficiency can be achieved by this specialized CFD-based approach.

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